WordPress Web Design

WordPress Website Solutions from Mithril Media

What Is WordPress?

WordPress is first and foremost a content management system, or CMS for short. This means that WordPress is built to make website management available to anyone with a basic understanding of how websites work. WordPress is also open-source, which means that developers – such as those here at Mithril Media – have access to all of the inner-workings of the WordPress platform.

Most of all, WordPress provides the necessary infrastructure to create a website. From the database to the website your customers see, it’s a full-service website platform that is free for anyone to use!

Why Use WordPress?

WordPress powers more websites on the internet than any other platform. Here at Mithril Media, we use WordPress for the majority of our projects. As developers, it gives us control over every aspect of the website. At the same time, it allows us to give our clients the usability they need as well. If you are interested in learning more about WordPress and if it’s right for you, feel free to drop us a line!

Mithril Media specializes in all things WordPress. Naturally, that starts with the design of a WordPress website. If you are looking for a new WordPress website, rest assured that we use only the best and cleanest WordPress themes available for the sites we build.

Our process begins with working collaboratively to understand the problems you would like to solve with your website. From there, we design a solution to do just that. Whether eCommerce or podcasting or real estate, our WordPress websites have proven successful for business of types and sizes.

There is no shortage of options available when it comes to hosting a WordPress website. While this means that you can find solutions just about anywhere, it is important to know what you are getting with your website hosting.

Mithril Media has vetted dozens of hosting providers and we have hand-selected the best of the best for our clients. When we host your WordPress website, we work to understand the exact requirements of what your website needs and we leverage the right hosting partner to keep costs down without sacrificing quality.

We offer a wide-range of hosting options with our trusted hosting partners from shared hosting accounts (great for personal blogs and low-traffic websites) to dedicated server hosting (great for eCommerce and high-traffic websites). Whatever requirements it is that your website has, Mithril Media will provide the right hosting option for you.

Managing a website is more than just changing images and keeping content up-to-date. Every component of your website should be considered an asset that is built to help your business grow. We take website management seriously and we provide a wide-range of services that are built for just this purpose.

Our services include everything from day-to-day website updates and management to optimizing your website speed to ensure a quality user experience. We use the right tools to keep your website fresh so your users want to come back.

While WordPress provides many great options out-of-the-box, almost no website is complete without custom development. Whether that means integrating directly with your CRM or building a custom plugin to showcase your work, our intimate understanding of the WordPress ecosystem means that we have a solution ready for you.

Our development team works to ensure that the code we write is clean and manageable, ensuring that we meet your business requirements without bloating or slowing down your site.