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A Note From the Founder

Definitive web creations – that is the core of what we are. Mithril Media is founded on the idea that the internet should be both beautiful and user-friendly, and that’s why we only put our name on projects that we’re proud of.

A background in product management and customer support has given me a unique appreciation of running a business. Our clients are the priority through-and-through and that is a value that trickles through everything we do at Mithril Media. With each of our clients, we strive to answer two primary questions: What makes you successful? What is holding you back?

With an understanding of these two questions, we can leverage the parts of your business that have made you successful to date while identifying areas that we can improve to help your business grow. Our years of experience in software development allow us take the best practices of building quality software and apply those same methods to the solutions we develop for our own clients.

Whether or not we end up working together, I truly appreciate you taking the time to visit Mithril Media. Thank you for your time and consideration!

Mithril Media Owner & Founder Kyle Pflueger

Kyle Pflueger
Mithril Media LLC.